Metropolitan buses in Istanbul are frequent and economical.

City bus routes get you to some places you'll want to visit. Buy tickets before boarding at kiosks labeled "I.E.T.T" and/or "Bilet" (ticket).

They travel to almost any point within the city and some villages around the city. 

  • The “Metrobus”, which operates between Sogutlucesme on the Asian side and Avcilar on the European side, is a popular transportation alternative that can save a lot of time.








  • The Havatas Airport Shuttle Buses: There is no cheaper way to go from either of Istanbul’s airports to the city centre. Their stops are conveniently located in front of the arrivals exit of both airports.  From the Atatürk Airport they go every 30 minutes, practically non-stop to Taksim Square (city centre) and cost TL 10 per person (approx. EUR 4).  Please note: these particular buses only go as far as Taksim Square. The journey to the city centre may take 45-60 minutes. Detailed information can be found on the following websitewww.havatas.com.


(Havatas Airport Shuttle Bus)




  • The Istanbul Airport Shuttle Buses: This shuttle bus will pick you up from any airport and take you to the door of your hotel, regardless of the area it is located in. You have to make a reservation through their web site prior to your arrival: www.istanbulairportshuttle.com


  • There is an IETT express city bus 96T connection from Istanbul Atatürk Airport to Istanbul city centre. The bus leaves the airport every 50 minutes. The price is 3 TL (approx. EUR 1). This is among the most inexpensive ways to go, but also the slowest and least convenient. Please click here to view the time table



(IETT bus)





  • Dolmuş​ Minibus: Dolmuş means "filled," which is what the vehicle needs to be before it departs on its customary route. The dolmuş (DOHL-moosh) is Turkey's shared taxi or minibus. Passengers can get out anywhere along the route, or ride to the end, for a single set fare that's the same for all passengers no matter what their destination. In city centres there may be legally designated dolmuş stops, usually marked by blue signs bearing a big white "D", and from time to time the dolmuş may be forbidden to stop anywhere else to let passengers in or out. On the outskirts and in less heavily trafficked locations, you may stop a dolmuş wherever you like. In big cities, dolmuş route systems tend to be many and varied, and meaningful only to local residents. Signboards in the front window of the car or minibus, or atop the vehicle, indicate the destination and usually a few of the major points along the route.





(Dolmuş minibuses)